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M97 series programmable DC electronic load
M98 series programmable LED DC electronic load
M88 series programmable DC power supply

M66 series multifunctional power supply

High power DC electronic load
High power DC power supply

Mobile testing power supply(Microamp)

M93 series programmable AC electronic load

Test System

M9100 multi solar battery test system
M9100 multi solar battery test software, as a simple operation and practical control software developed by Maynuo Electronic Co., Ltd., is applicable for multi-set of M97 series electronic load of our company to test for multi-channel solar battery in parallel. By this software, our users can not only track the maximum power (Pmax) accurately, but also save in real time and exported the test data to Excel sheet. It is really a professional software for solar battery test and data analysis. Maynuo techinicalmen developed two-part intelligent search modes---- rough search frist and then exact search, by which the Pmax point could be found faster and more accurately. It is definatley meet solar battery test requirements for real-time tracking the test day and night. >>>
M97 series programmable DC electronic load
The new M97XX series programmable DC electronic load is a new generation product designed from Maynuo Electronic Co.,Ltd. Incorporating high-performance chips, the M97XX series delivers high speed and high accuracy with a resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA (basic accuracy is 0.03% and basic current rise speed is 2.5 A/渭s). M97XX series have wide application from production lines for cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, electronic vehicle batteries, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, and LED drivers, to research institute, automotive electronic, aeronautic and astronautic, maritime, solar celland fuel cell etc.test and measurement applications. >>>
M88 family programmable DC power supply
M88 series power supply are high performance single-output programmable DC power supply with communication interface, possessing the character of fast rise speed (The rise time of M8811 power supply can be less than 10mS and that of M8851 can be less than 20mS). The combination of bench-top and system features in these power supply provides versatile solutions for your design and test requirements. The M88 series can not only be programmed through the keyboard on the panel, but also be functioned as voltmeter and milliohm meter, which will bring great convenience to the users. As a regeneration product of ordinary programmable power supply, M88 series power supply are more cost-effective. >>>
M97-98 Series DC Electronic Load Monitor Software
M88 Series DC Power Supply Monitor Software
M97-98 Series DC Electronic Load LabVIEW Driver
M133 USB Driver
Maynuo E-catalogue
M9711-12-12B-12C-12B30 DC Load Specifications
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