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M9120 Multi Solar Battery Monitor System

    M9120 Multi Solar Battery Monitor System, as a simple operation and practical control software developed by Maynuo Electronic Co., Ltd., is applicable for multi-set of M97 series electronic load of our company to monitor for multi-channel solar battery in parallel. By this software, our users can not only track the maximum power accurately, but also save in real time and export the test data to Excel sheet. It is really a professional monitor software for solar battery.
    The growth of the solar energy industry  increases the needs for test solutions about the solar battery (and solar module). Besides, with the increasement of battery size and improvement of solar battery working efficiancy, battery test requires a kind of equipment which can provide bigger current and higher power. Our M97 series electronic load is complete in model, with power ranging from 150W to 200KW and current ranging from 15A to 1500A, which can defintely meet solar battery's (and solar module) requirements for power and current.
    M97 series electronic loads can work in constant voltage mode which is also known as CV mode. When in CV mode, the electronic load can control the voltage across battery to a constant voltage by adjusting the current flowing through itself, so CV mode can be applied to the voltage scanning. In each step scanning, electronic load can control the output voltage of solar battery and  then measure the current it generated. So we can see that CV mode is the best mode for solar battery test. Of course, you can aslo use CC/CR/CW mode according to your test requirements.

    Nanjing Maynuo Electronic Co., Ltd grasp this opportunity, further its technical research and developed M9120 multi solar battery monitor system based on the outstanding quality and high cost-effectiveness of its main products---M97 series programmable electronic loads. M9120 multi solar battery monitor system is the most cost-effective among all the similar products of the test industry, so it occupies the solar battery test market quickly. Since there is a big difference with the light intensity between day and night, the maximum power Pmax of a day also differs much. And the test accuracy of the traditional test mode  is very low when in such a broad range of operation; thus, it is very difficult to meet solar battery test requirements. Under such circumstances, Maynuo techinicalmen developed two-part intelligent search modes---- rough search frist and then exact search, by which the Pmax point could be found faster and more accurately. Besides, our M9120 software can also be set as unattended completion of automatic test in a fixed time. Intelligent automatic tracking mode is provided---- by which the maximum power could be found faster and more accurately. Besides, you can also select the tracking level and the minimum voltage step value is 0.006%FS.
















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  • In the automatic tracking mode, it can test out the following values: the maximum power; the current value, the voltage value and the resistance value when the load is in maximum power, and the power error.
  • The monitor interface can real time show the U-T curve, I-T curve, R-T curve, P-T curve. The query interface can show P-T curve at any period of time.
  • It can print out the monitor report you needed,and export the report to the Excel sheet.
  • It supports multi-channel solar battery monitor in parallel at the same time. And the test speed is fast.
  • For each battery with the same or different specifications, can be set with different working mode(CV/CC/CR/CW) and different test parameters in the automatic tracking mode.
  • Intelligent automatic tracking mode is provided---- by which the maximum power could be found faster and more accurately. Besides, you can also select the tracking level and the minimum voltage step value is 0.006%FS.


Part of the software interface is as follows:

Main Interface


Query And Report


Preview Report


Save Single  Record To Excel


Save Multi-Batttery Record To Excel


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